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White Privilege

How To Use Your White Privilege For Good


Watch as Joy DeGruy tells a first hand account of racial profiling during a trip to the grocery store with her cousin Kathleen and her ten year old daughter. Joy is obviously treated very differently than her light, almost white skinned cousin during the checkout process. Kathleen however, knew that she walked through the world […]

Strengthen Compassion By Studying White Privilege


Peggy McIntosh at TEDx Timberlane Schools leads a thought provoking discussion based on her own life experience. These experiences have lead her to believe that the circumstances of a person’s birth have everything to do with their perception of social justice. She evaluates the arbitrary systems of justice we are all born into, and lectures […]

Students Learn a POWERFUL Lesson on White Privilege


In this video students learn through a simple powerful exercise about white privilege and social mobility. Students were handed a blank piece of paper and were told to crumple up the paper and and try to throw it into the waste paper basket at the front of the room. Those who made it in the […]

Are you Privileged?


Have you gotten to where you are in life today, in part, due to certain systematic advantages that others may not have had? This video was not made to make anyone feel guilty, it’s simply an opportunity for people to recognize and be thankful for their opportunities, and to think about the way some other […]

What Is White Privilege?


There are certain societal advantages that come along with being white in America. A white person may not know that they have these benefits, but a person of color is acutely aware of the fact that they do not. Simple freedoms that some white people take for granted, can make a big difference in how […]